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pen play sessions 2/9/17

the semantics of cymatics, pine fresh oxycodone misty scent, sent scorched on dragonfly wings as they each touch torched, scratched idol vinyl pop mix, chase me yukiko, chase you, summer beach baptism, sing away my sins against your flutter wasp wings trill as we tumble like petals perfumed in eternity exhumed daffodil, and in your breath forever spent i repent.

militaria watercolor fashion / catalina sinner // low earth orbit /// the committee of sleep /// | retrocognition \ girlfriend in a coma \\ the religion of crime \\\ algorithmic existence |

IJAK first establishing shot: faraway lens direction toward desolate scenery (industrial park - day) → continues until a single figure is frantically running across the screen from end to end. title. soundtrack salvo (CC/LB/FZ aesthetic). overgrown swedish military jacket worn by maddy w/ dadaist modification on sleeves/lower half to directly imply she is seemingly under a 'protector' and maintains a relationship with an older somebody. will be referenced once by spoken dialogue on P16. further development and cues need more work.

explore budget/logistical possibilities of camera lenses that could play with actors' flesh tones and reflection/absorption of lighting. need them on-hand to be switched out easily and inexpensively as possible throughout production. make effort to avoid post-pro effects of any sort but introduce a visual idea of signaling the health of charas' "souls" by audience observation. work this idea further.

chara 6: mckinnon type hacker accessed agency network claiming evidence secret space fleet, solar warden, et al.
keywords: sex in space, miike frantic camera movement, lens adjustments, distinguished semi-tonal changes in soundtrack notes/key ONLY as he's on screen, interior sets (BG) within chara 6's home subtly but firmly include corridors/doors/rooms within shot(s) that lead nowhere and couldn't physically make sense, and awkward jump-cuts may be worth exploring as much as idea is displeasing. there needs to be another way to accomplish the same feat. it needs to be new.

hands-on rigging and modification of camera/lense/lighting needs to be a foundation aspect of photography and shared as an idea by DP. pray to believe in prayer and back again that someone special will be found to help and collaborate.

kikubear is kneading me to sleepies and that's fate's way of pestering me to do so. goodnight and looking forward to continuing tomorrow until i'm reunited with my laptop to work proper in final draft. playing in here is primitive but pure.

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